Rapid growing teak plantation

Teak Farms I (TFI) specialises in intensively managed teak plantations using Beyond Forestry’s accelerated growth methodology shortens the rotation length to 6 years from the traditional 20 years.

Significant reduced risk.

Unique merging of forestry techniques and agricultural technologies.

Utilising genetic cloning technology.

Strong experienced team.

Comparison with traditional plantation

Comparison with traditional plantation

After 5 years


Traditional Teak


8-15 cm

Teak Farms


25 cm

Ready-to-plant Comparison

Best practice Traditional Teak


Teak Farms


Ready-to-plant Comparison

Traditional Teak


12 Months

Teak Farms


5 Months


3 Years 

36 Months


Plantation Management Process


Site Selection

Appropriate soil characteristics

Proximity to ports

Water source

Minimised risk from natural disasters


Intensive site preparation

Grading, irrigation

Cloned plants

Proprietary planting techniques



On the ground management

Pruning, mowing, fencing

Commercial thinning


Precise agriculture tools


Active teak market


Long-term supply agreements

Negotiated shipping rates

Shorter rotations reduce risks and enhance returns

Plantation Establishment




Experience in rapid growing teak plantation

Teak Farms (TF) produces and replicates selected quality cloned seedlings and combines them with a unique work process, based on advanced methods from the fields of biotechnology, agriculture and forestry. This allows TF to achieve high-quality harvests in a far shorter time period (6 years) than other timber growers around the world (traditionally 20+ years).

TF's proven capabilities for rapid-growth Teak plantations (MAIs of 20-35 m³/ha and up were recorded) are based on more than 500 ha of Teak plantations that were planted in small plots in Central America by TF’s managers since 2005. These capabilities were validated in the independent analysis that was published in the Case Research Journal, Volume 34, Issue 1, Winter 2014 - by Lisa Majure, Kathryn Savage, Matthew Haertzen, CFA - all from Northern Arizona University and Alex Finkral, Ph. D from the Forestland Group (Harvard Business Review).



No significant difference in wood strength between old and young trees*.

Beyond Forestry teak density measured at 0.60 g/m3

Normal range = 0.52 - 0.80 g/m3


Heartwood formation is a function of stem diameter.

Faster tree growth = faster growth of heartwood.

Meet our team


Rani Ben Ozer

Is has been for the last 25 years engaged in the financial market, global real estate investments and in the development and financing projects in the renewable energy sector. 
As the chairman of Solex Group, Rani led, with Mr. Doron Tamir, the development, finance and the sale of 160 Mw of solar projects in Israel. 
Rani has chosen and in last few years to utilize his experience and knowledge to lead green field agriculture projects and turn them to hi tech financial vehicles.


Guy Yogev

Guy is an experience project manager with more than 15 years' experience in developing countries

In the last 3 years guy has been frequently visiting Cambodia working on the business development of the plantation.

Coming from agricultural and real estate background guy has accumulated vast experience in different aspect of the project in this scale


Prof. Oded Shoseyov

Nanotech pioneer

Shoseyov, now about to found the 12th company spun out of his research, has a knack for turning crazy concepts into commercially viable products such as printed meals, human collagen, transgenic eucalyptus trees for the paper industry, and a pooper-scooper that turns dog droppings into odorless powdered fertilizer.


Moran Hadad

A polytechnic civil engineer by trade, and a social entrepreneur by heart, Moran has over 20 years of experience leading innovative technology projects in emerging markets.


Yotam Gross

Yotam has 13 years working experience in Cambodia and has sufficient knowledge of the country, it’s culture and is proficient in the Khmer language.

His experience includes remote site infrastructure development, technical management & support, equipment evaluation & procurement, as well as machinery operation & maintenance training related to forestry and other agricultural projects.

unnamed (7).jpg

Uriah Cassuto

A certified agronomist with 3 years of experience in the establishment of small to medium scale agricultural projects in developing as well as developed countries including Nigeria, Congo, Eritrea, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Thailand and Cambodia. Uriah gained additional experience in the operation and management of tree nurseries in a number of leading nurseries in Israel.


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